(Small note - there is some slight Dramione [just dancing, nothing more] and this is the beginning to a multi-chap fic)

She’d been teasing him all night. First it was with that pathetic excuse for a dress that hugged her every curve and slowly rode up her thighs with every sway of her hips on the dance floor. The dress barely reached her mid thigh, hinting at a black garter belt hiding somewhere under the flimsy fabric; her heels were black and laced up her calves drawing even more attention to her shapely legs. But the dress itself had a single strap around her neck and a neckline that dipped low, giving her cleavage the attention it demanded.

Then she’d decided to dominate the dance floor and put on a show for anyone there. She knew how to press his buttons and from the moment she stepped on the floor he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

He reached up and unbuttoned his collar, loosening the tie she insisted he wear and drained his glass of whiskey. Harry adjusted himself, trying to rein in some control before he bent her over a table and took her right there. But this was their game – and she was a masterful player.

Hermione knew what she was doing as she dipped down, running her hands over her hips and keeping to the rhythm of the loud club music that was playing. An unfamiliar pair of hands placed themselves on her hips and she felt herself being pulled backwards into a hard body. Smiling to herself she craned her neck to see who had joined her. A small chuckle escaped her lips as she recognized the hair instantly.

“Draco…” she said, her voice a low purr. “I didn’t know you were going to be here tonight.”  She arched herself into him and guided his hips in time with hers. “Has he seen you?”

Draco leaned forward, his mouth near her ear and his breath sticky on her neck. “Looking lovely as always Miss Granger – and yes, I saw him.” She let out a soft sigh as his lips brushed her ear. Slowly she placed her hands over his, tightening his grip on her hips as they moved together. He let out a low laugh and played along; Draco was always fascinated at the pair of them and never missed a chance to participate in their tawdry little game.

The music was pure sex – all bass and beats – and Hermione’s dancing translated that exactly. Draco pulled her body closer to him, his fingers lightly grasping the material of her dress as she arched her back and rested her head back on his shoulder.

“What in the world is she doing?” His thoughts were running in a million directions as he watched them. Signaling to the barkeep without taking his eyes off them, Harry forced himself to relax – he knew that she was trying to get a rise out of him, and well – it was working.

Draco spun Hermione around to face him, grinning as he made eye contact with a disgruntled Harry. “You know, he looks like he’s about to go all big, bad alpha male on me right now.”

Hermione giggled and put her arms around him, leaning back and pushing her hips flush with his. She wasn’t surprised to find him turned on: she knew that what she was doing had an effect on anything male with a pulse in this room… and a few females.

“Mmm…” she teased the hair at the nape of his neck as their bodies moved in tandem. “Draco, he knows the rules. He won last time, and I won’t have him winning again. It’s just not fair. If I have to play dirty,” she said coyly, her lips pressed against his ear as she continued, “then I have to play dirty.”

Draco drew a quick breath and tightened his grip on Hermione’s waist. They didn’t speak as the song continued and their dance intensified. Draco opened his mouth to make another comment as the song ended and Hermione wrinkled her nose as the next one began playing.

“I can’t dance to this,” she pouted, her fingers twining in his hair. She gave it a sharp tug and grinned at the moan that came out his mouth. “Buy me a drink?”

Draco looked into her eyes and smiled. “Nice try love,” he said, gently taking her hands from his hair and smoothing it down. “But he already bought me one.” He gestured towards the bar and Harry waved, relishing in Hermione’s disappointment.

Harry chuckled to himself as he watched the scene play out. Their game, he couldn’t remember what started it only that it had lead to the best night of sex in their relationship, and each night they played was better than the last.

The rules were simple. They came together and they left together, but while they were out, a different club each month, they were off limits to each other.

The objective?

 Get the other to cave into them by making physical contact. Oh there were rules, but almost anything went. The only real rule they stuck to was no kissing anyone but each other; but dancing, flirtatious smiles and touches were always fair game to everyone in the club. More than once, they’ve been asked back to some stranger’s house – that’s usually what prompted the other to end the game and stake their claim. Once contact was made the game was over and the winner claimed their prize.

Hermione reached up and placed a light kiss on Draco’s cheek and gave his ass a playful swat as she turned and walked towards the bar. She leaned over the bar and whispered into the bartender’s ear. His eyes never left her chest as he took her order. She flashed her brightest smile and plucked a piece of ice from the drink in front of her. Sucking on the ice slowly, she turned and looked at Harry, raising an eyebrow and silently asking if he was ready to bow to her.

Harry couldn’t stop thinking about how Draco’s hands had been on her hips, touching her skin. He remembered how close his mouth had been to Harry’s favorite spot on Hermione’s neck. The spot that always made her melt in his hands when they made love. That was his spot. And Draco’s lips had been mere millimeters away from touching it.

But he knew Hermione’s tricks and she knew what made him tick. Harry let his eyes roam over her body; a light sheen of sweat made her seem to sparkle in the dark lights of the club and shook his head, not ready to give into her. He knew she was gunning to win this time because of what happened last month – but who could blame her? It’s not like Harry could refuse the busty blond twins that had propositioned him, prompting Hermione to grab his crotch and shove her tongue down his throat: effectively saying “Mine. Back off.” to anyone in a 5 mile radius.

He shivered slightly at the memory and felt a pair of eyes on him. The auror in him was tuned to sense danger and something was tickling the back of Harry’s head as his eyes casually glanced around the crowded room.

A pale arm flaked with freckles snaked around Harry’s waist and Hermione’s eyes almost bugged out of her head. Blood red nails lightly raked his chest and tugged on the tie. Harry closed his eyes, preparing for what was to come.

“Harry, I thought you hated ties.” A soft voice breathed into his ear as he felt a warm body press against him.

“Well, well, well – Ginny Weasley.” Hermione’s voice was laced with venom. “I thought you were banned from this club? Something about giving the DJ a blowjob while he was in the booth?”

“That was just a stupid rumor, you little bitch.” Ginny’s voice held no pretense of civility as she met Hermione’s eyes with defiance. There had always been a rift between them since Hermione had spurned Ron’s feelings and taken Harry for her own.

Well it didn’t help that Ginny found out they were together by walking in and seeing Harry’s face buried between Hermione’s thighs one night at the Burrow.

“Ladies…” Harry cleared his throat and removed Ginny’s hand from his clothing, taking a half step away from her and putting much needed distance between them. “Let’s play nice tonight?”

Ginny smiled, her lips curling upwards into more of a sneer as she let out a breathy sigh. “Of course Harry. I always play nice.” She didn’t even try to lower her voice as she leaned into Harry and said in his ear, “But Harry – I can be naughty too.”

Hermione’s laugh broke all pretense of seduction in the scene as she slapped the bar. Taking a deep breath she looked at Ginny and grinned. “Oh we know all about that – I think I still have the Daily Prophet article about the time you were caught-“

A flying glass cut her off midsentence as Ginny hurled the closest thing to her. A muscled bouncer grabbed the screaming red head by the waist and proceeded to haul her out of the club. Hermione, looking much like that cat that ate the canary, simply sipped her drink and dared Harry to say something.

“I think I’ve lost my appetite for tonight,” Harry commented. “You want to call a draw?”

Hermione shook her head and motioned towards the dance floor. “I’m going to have one last dance. Maybe you’ll see something that’ll strike your fancy again…” Her words lingered as she gracefully made her way back to the floor and began swaying to the beat without fail.

Hermione walked, no – strutted – her way into the mix. Enjoying the rush from the bodies moving next to her, a light bump of a hip or an “accidental” graze of her ass always brought a little more fire to Harry’s eyes. She knew he had this odd possessive streak in him, that he didn’t like people “playing with his toys” to put it mildly. And this game always brought out the animal in him when she won. She smiled to herself and closed her eyes, letting the music overwhelm her senses. A chill ran up her spine as she quickly opened her eyes and looked around, an odd sense filling the air near her and she paused to look around. The feeling passed quickly and Hermione shrugged it off.

Harry knew there was no stopping her, so he admired the view. Her body moving expertly to the beat, her hips, her legs, her ass – there was nothing about her that wasn’t turning Harry on. He rested back on the bar and took in the sight of her again, scanning the club for danger and nodding towards a colleague. He was turning his attention back to a certain siren on the dance floor when a flash of red hair in the crowd broke his concentration as he noticed a familiar ginger heading towards Hermione.


Fuck. No.

Harry paid their tab at the bar and made his way onto the floor, never taking his eyes off the man that was constantly trying to take Hermione from him. He shouldn’t be surprised though, nowadays wherever Ginny went, Ron was sure to follow.

Ron had never quite gotten over the fact that he’d been passed over. His behavior was always extreme but when it came to Hermione, it was borderline sociopathic. Harry’s hands went to his tie, ripping it off his neck and shoving it into his pocket, as he accidently elbowed someone as he tried to push through the crowd to her.

They were seconds away from reaching Hermione at the same moment, and their eyes locked, but Harry pushed through the small crowd and got there first, walking up behind her. She let out a small gasp as his hands pulled her backwards, flush against his body and she shivered slightly as he growled into her ear one word.


His lips were on her neck in a flash as he kissed the spot under her ear and gently bit down. “Mine.” He repeated, his voice a bit softer as his body began moving together with hers. He bucked his hips slightly as she pushed her ass into him. He had conceded defeat and would now be reaping the spoils.

That was the perfect part of this game – it didn’t matter who won, they both got theirs in the end. Their hands entwined as she led him towards the back of the club. A playful smile on her lips and a knowing grin on his told anyone looking close enough knew what was about to happen.

A pair of dark eyes followed the pair, hands twisting together as a sneer crossed his face. The shadows hid him well as he watched the duo all night long. Chapped lips wrapped around the thin black straw as he took a long drink, remembering the first time he encountered them, but more specifically, her.

She had approached him at some charity auction that was boring as balls. He remembered wondering how such a beautiful creature had been there alone. He had made a witty comment about one of the pieces being auctioned and as she tossed her head back, he became mesmerized by the soft lines of her neck and the melodic tones of her voice.

Hermione, she said her name was, as she touched his arm gently. He’s been too wrapped up to notice her eyes darting towards a handsome wizard being flanked by two blondes; he simply remembered the feel of her skin on his arm. The way she pressed against him as they walked, exploring the exhibits and talking.

He had just gotten the courage to kiss those ruby red lips he’d been fixated on when her posture changed completely. Her back stiffened and her tone was icy as she excused herself. He watched as she stormed over to a bushy haired man standing by the tiny bar and she proceeded molest him in front of all the benefactors.

His fist slammed on the table as he realized that she hadn’t been flirting with him, she’d been playing with him. He followed them out of the small museum that night, hiding in the shadows and ducking out of site when they stopped to kiss and grope each other.

It wasn’t fair.

She had chosen him. Sought him out, touched his arm and made him laugh. And soon, she would choose him again. One way or another, he’d have his prize.

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