He gulped, wondering if she had actually just said that or if he had simply misheard her. While he pondered about this, the kids ripped through their gifts in record time. Jasmine’s favorite gift being a copy of Beauty & The Beast (Harry and Hermione both agreed it was their favorite fairytale from childhood and felt Jasmine would like it too) and Hugh’s being a book about everything Quidditch.

“Sorry, Hugh, no broom this year; maybe when you make the team in two years.” He told his son.

“Dad, first-years normally never make the team.” Hugh said seriously.

“If I did, son, you can too.” He put a supportive hand on his shoulder.

 As the day progressed, the gifts were unwrapped, the holiday greetings were exchanged - “Merry Christmas, Ron! Give Luna our best! We’ll see you both at our New Years Eve party! Jasmine’s really excited to play with Emilie again.- and the dinner finished.

It was now a little after 11pm.

“Alright kids, just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean you can stay up all night.” Harry said.

They both approached him; Hugh gave him a quick hug, and Jasmine sat on his knee before throwing her arms around his frame and whispered to him, “Best Christmas ever, daddy!”

He gripped her more firmly and whispered back, “Glad you agree, baby.” He gave her a quick peck on the cheek and, after the pair said goodnight to their mom, watched her and Hugh return to their respective bedrooms.

At the sound of the closing doors, Hermione made her way over to her husband. “I think it’s time for your present.” Her voice had a hint of seduction and a hint of desire.

“Are you sure I’ve earned it?” He asked playfully.

She ran her hands over his chest. “After a day like today, that’s not even a question…”

His radiant smile could be seen thanks to the lit-up Christmas tree. “Let’s go unwrap my present then.” He grabbed her hand and made a beeline to the bedroom. He sat Hermione on the edge of their bed before removing his shirt.

“Hey! The only things you need to remove are over here.” She gestured up and down her body. He gave her a mock salute, before tugging her shirt over her head. After unclasping her dark red bra, and tossing it carelessly to the side, he unbuttoned her jeans and helped her shimmy them off.

All that remained were her simple, matching panties.

Grabbing the waistband, he yanked them down, and eventually off, to finally reveal all of her. He marveled at how beautiful she was; just as he had their first time those years ago.

“Best. Present. Ever.” She laughed at the emphasis he put on that phrase.

“Your turn now.” She asserted to him. She first removed both items dangling from her neck and placed them on the nightstand beside the bed. She rose to her feet and made her way over to him. She grazed her fingers over his quidditch-influenced abs, before drifting lower. Never breaking eye-contact, she unbuttoned his jeans and let them fall to the ground in a heap. If she didn’t know just how excited he was before, she did now.

“Oh, Harry! I’m so sorry; let me help.” She sat on the edge of the bed once again.

She gently removed his boxers when he said, “You don’t have to if you don’t want to, Hermione.” He forced her gaze upward.

“Harry, your thoughtfulness knows no bounds. You’re my husband and I love you. Now can I give you your present?”

Feeling it was useless talking her out of something she had her mind set on, he simply said, “I love you, too.”

She reached forward and took him in her hand. His eyes closed at her touch. She gave a few strokes before coming to a stop. Just as he was about to tell her what a tease she was, he found himself making a guttural groan. Hermione felt her mouth had never let her down before, so she changed tactics. First, kissing up and down his length; followed by using her tongue to stroke him; and finally, taking him in her mouth (or what she could fit of it). Harry had a hard time remembering the last time he felt this much pleasure.

She began moving back and forth before Harry placed his hands on her shoulders. “Fuck, Hermione, you’re going to have to stop unless you really want me to lose it right now.” He groaned.

She smiled at how much he hated admitting this. “If you insist.”

He pushed her back lightly so she lay on the bed. “Oh, I do insist. I insist on returning the favor.” He demanded.

“But you already gave me a gift!” She said indignantly.

“Yes, but I’m just such a nice guy that I think two gifts are necessary for a girl like you.”

She blushed at his comment and her anger dissipated. “If you must.”

He smiled at her approval and separated her legs so he could gain better access. He wanted to make her feel as much pleasure as he just did, so he started off slow. He kissed just above her opening before making a circle around it. Her breathing had picked up with each passing kiss. He then inserted his index finger into her core, eliciting a mix between a gasp and a squeak. He intensified the pace while adding another finger in.

He glanced up to view her mouth forming an ‘O’ shape. He slowed down and then stopped completely. After seeing confusion start to spread across her face, he moved face-first towards her opening and began to lick between her lips. Hermione had to restrain herself from shooting up, but couldn’t stop herself from bucking her hips upwards. This allowed Harry deeper access to her, until he eventually hit a nub, which was too much for her.

“Alright, anymore and I’ll lose it all over your face.” She said seriously. It took everything Harry had to stop himself from laughing hysterically over her choice of words. He moved closer until his mouth was on hers.

She could just barely taste herself from him mouth. Harry was just about to say something when Hermione stopped him and said, “Harry, we’ve been married for 10 years… I hope you weren’t going to ask permission.”

In response, Harry positioned himself on top of Hermione so that he could just move forward and he and Hermione would be one.

“It feels like it’s been awhile since I’ve told you how much I love you.” Hermione beamed at him.

“That’s so sweet of you. But if you don’t finish this, I’ll finish it myself.” She admitted truthfully. Needing no further motivation, he glided forward until they were connected. Aside from the birth of their children, neither of them could imagine a better moment than when they were ‘together’.

Harry began moving back and forth picking up speed after each thrust. Hermione wrapped her legs around the small of his back and began to match Harry in stride. As it went on, Hermione gripped Harry’s back (with assistance from her nails) until she knew she could no longer hold it in. In her most seductive voice, she whispered, “I’m ready whenever you are, honey.”

That’s all Harry needed to hear; He quickened his pace and knew it was time to let go. “Hermione!” escaped his mouth just as “Harry!” was leaving hers.

After a few supplemental thrusts, he gave her nose a quick kiss before finally removing himself and making his way to his side of the bed. It amazed Harry at how many things they were in synch with; but even he didn’t see this coming.

“Reach under the bed, Harry.” She said between breaths. Harry looked at her as if she was crazy for such a strange post-sex question.

He felt under the bed to come across a box. He pulled it up and set it on his lap; it was a Christmas present.

“To: Harry, My Chosen One ; From: Hermione, Your Very Appreciative Wife ; P.S. Did you honestly think I was going to let you give me an extra gift this year? Merry Christmas. Love, Hermione.”

He brought his hand to his mouth in shock that she knew what he was going to do before he did. “Wow, Hermione, I don’t know whether say thanks or ask how.”

She leaned up, planting a kiss on his lips before saying, “You’re welcome, Harry. And I never reveal my secrets.” She said chuckling, laying back down.

Harry put his hands behind his head, “I wonder how we’re going to top this Christmas next year.”

“I’m sure we’ll be able to, just like you’ll be able to open your gift before then.” She said with an impatient smile. He removed the lid to find that the box was meant to mislead him. The lone thing inside was a familiar black stone that he had once held before dropping it, never expecting to see it again.

“How did you get this?” Harry asked.

“Hagrid said he found it just after the battle ended. He asked me if I knew what it was and I’d told him ‘I’ll give it back to Harry’.”

He threw his arms around her and whispered, “Thank you. Truly, thank you.”

Her eyes glistened a little and said, “I just felt if you needed to talk to someone that you can’t ‘talk’ to anymore, you deserved it.” He smiled at how thoughtful she was, before setting the stone on the nightstand.

“You know, I just thought of something…” Harry stated ambiguously.

She looked at him curiously. “What’s that Harry?”

“Wouldn’t it be something if we went 3 for 3 on Christmas babies?”

She pondered what he said before realizing; Hugh was born 9 months after their first Christmas married together and Jasmine came 9 months after the following Christmas.

“Huh, I guess Christmas is kind of our ‘fun’ holiday.” She said while elbowing him in the side.

“Tis the season!” He replied. Both were now yawning due to not only their bit of ‘fun’, but also the hour.

“Good night, Hermione.” He stated through a yawn.

“Good night, Harry.”

She addressed his chest. They were now huddled together, holding each other for both comfort and support, before finally they had succumbed to sleep. Even in sleep, their breathing and heartbeats coincided with each other.

They were the definition of “perfect harmony”.

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